Pets and Rug Care

We love and adore our pets, but we’re sure there’s not a pet owner out there who loves and adores the mess they can make! From hair shedding, to odour, to mud and all manner of other muck, our floors are often the worst affected.

As rug specialists, we can help advise you on the fabric and style to best suit your specific purpose and use, as well as offering you expert rug care tips on how to keep it clean and fresh.

Start at the source
Keeping your pet’s nails trimmed and fur cleaned and brushed is the best way to avoid unwanted snagging damage, which is hard to repair, hair build up, or smells and stains setting in.

Discourage damaging behaviour
Cats scratching their claws, dogs rolling on your precious rug; these are among behaviours you can discourage with training. Change the environment to encourage the right behaviour, such as providing a scratching post or a pet bed, to give your pet the right place for their rug-unfriendly habits.

Regular maintenance
Frequent vacuum, on both sides, and gentle cleaning can help to maintain the life and look of your rug. The cleaning regime will vary depending on the material and weave of your rug. Artisan Rug experts are always available to offer advice to our customers.

Always be cautious when using products and ensure you test a small patch first, before introducing it to the entire rug. It’s also a good idea to book in regular professional cleaners to give it a deep clean.

Black light
A small but handy device you can use to detect unseen odour sources is a black light, usually available at pet stores. These can detect urine spots that may not be easy to find with the naked eye.

Choose your rug wisely
Often the loop of the fabric weave can cause snagging hazards, especially for cats with sharp claws, while some fabrics are more prone to stains, others can naturally repel. When you select a rug, talk to an expert to get advice on the best option for your pet’s space.

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