3 Simple Dining Room Design Ideas to Elevate Your Home

3 Simple Dining Room Design Ideas to Elevate Your Home

Dining rooms are well known to be the heart of any household. It is a special space for families to come together, entertain guests, make memories and most importantly—eat in! Though, when it comes to designing a dining room, it doesn’t have to be a daunting task like The Block or overly-complex like design magazines make it out to be. So why not shake it up with fresh dining room ideas to make the most out of your space! Here are our three simple tips to spruce up any dining room.

The layout of the room is crucial

With any great room, space is essential. Cramming furniture into tight-knit spaces can quickly close off a dining room and create the dreaded boxy feel. So when it comes to arranging your dining room, opt for comfort and plenty of breathability for you and your furniture. This can mean placing your dining room table and chairs in the centre of your room, ensuring family and guests have plenty of pass-through room while taking in the ambience.

Refresh your colour scheme

If you’re looking for a simple yet striking way to elevate your dining room without breaking the bank—look no further than your local paint store. Refreshing your dining room with a fresh pop of colour can be a great way to open up your space and create a brand new feel to your dining area. And if you’re feeling extra creative, feature or accent walls are the perfect way to complement your furniture’s current colour schemes and capture the eye of any household guest.  If you’re not feeling daring to pick up a paintbrush just yet, that’s okay! Luscious leafy plants and brightly coloured cushions can be a fantastic, subtle way to add some vibrant colour to your dining room.

Tie it all together

Acting as the cherry on–top (or, in this case, underneath), a beautiful dining room rug could be all you need to tie your newly-refreshed space together. When it’s time to kick your shoes off at the end of a hard day and sit around the dining table for dinner, rugs and carpets are a great way to bring a cozy element into your dining room. Opt for a comfortable, durable rug or carpet that can withstand some potentially heavy foot traffic—keeping in mind the size and texture of the rug or carpet to ensure you don’t encounter any nasty snags when your guests pull out their chairs. And don’t worry, if you’re unsure what floor covering would best suit your dining room, we have gathered our top tips and rules to find your perfect dining room rug.  Be sure also to check out our wide range of premium crafted floor rugs and carpets here or let our friendly team assist you in person at Artisan Rugs in Perth, Western Australia.



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