Choosing the right Rug for your Home

When you pick the right rug for your space it feels like it just belongs there. Besides the practical benefits (cushioning, warmth and comfort), a rug can complement the design of the room.

But choosing the correct rug is the real battle. Sure, when it works, it works well. However, the wrong rug can totally ruin the ambiance of a room, making it feel awkward and incomplete.

Rugs, especially custom made or high quality ones, are an expensive investment. You really can’t afford to pick the wrong one, unless you want to end up with a few thousand dollar eyesore on your floor.

But don’t panic. Getting a rug that is right for you isn’t a herculean task. Actually, with a few tips from our team at Artisan Rugs, it’s quite easy.


There’s a consensus among most designers that you should start with the area the rug will be situated in. Before you even consider things like colour, texture and style, think about what you want from the room.

How big is the room, which colour is it painted and what furniture is living there? Many rugs will be out of the running simply because they are unsuitable for the room.

A rug in any space has to balance it and be functional. Think about what purpose you want the rug to fulfil and you will be on the right path from the very beginning.


The colour of the rug is very important and can affect how the room is seen. If your area has a lot of bright, contrasting colours already, it would be best to tie it together with a neutral tone that doesn’t bring too much attention to itself.

If, on the other hand, the room is neutral coloured and you want to spice it up, you can be far bolder with your choice of rugs, instead going with multiple shades and patterns.

Bold coloured rugs can be risky to put into any space, but that doesn’t mean you should necessarily play it safe, because if you plan well and take into account the existing colour and furnishings, it can reinvigorate a tired space.


When it comes to rugs, size matters. The rule of thumb is that your rug should fit your seating area. This means that all the furniture is on the rug. If you’re chairs don’t exactly fit, a good compromise is having at least the front legs on the rug.

Why do you want this?  When you’re sitting down on a lounge or a chair, you want to feel the fabric of the rug, not the floor. It also looks better.

The second thing you want to do is orientate the rug to the shape of the rooms. Square and round rugs work well in square rooms, while rectangles are best suited to rectangular rooms.   Many rug companies can help recommend the right shaped rug from a photo or a home consultation.


Just like with food, contrasting textures work very well in rooms. When choosing a rug, it is easy to neglect this area in favour of colour and size, but it is still important.

As it has been previously demonstrated, much of your rug choice depends largely on the room. Texture is no different. Let the finishes of the furniture dictate what sort of texture to go with. Remember that you want distinct differences – a fluffy rug would complement sleek furniture while something bristly would go with a soft fabric lounge.

We hope this blog has been helpful. If you unsure what rug you need, why don’t you talk to our team? We can help match the right one for your space.

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