Winter rugs to Warm up your home and floor this winter

Winter rugs to warm up your home this winter!

As the chill creeps into your home, winter rugs are the way to go. You may have the heaters on and a roaring fireplace to keep the cold at bay, but those don’t keep the icy bite from clawing at your feet, nor do they keep your floors covered. Warm winter rugs, mats and carpets really make a big difference to the style, décor and temperature of your home. Not only do they look good but they also help you save on your energy bills.

Artisan rugs can be customised to suit you stylish and functional requirements. Turn down your thermostat and cover your floors with stunning woollen rugs. Combined with nice long curtains, rugs can keep drafts out and inject personality into any space. A fine woollen or natural fibre rug will keep the heat inside and gently keep a room warm. The sun beating down on a rug will leave you with an enjoyable warm spot to sit down and relax on.

A rug creates a great anchor feature in any room and with the right one, you can completely reinvent a space. A shaggy pile in the foyer will immediately present an impression of cosy, comfortable style. It adds a layer of beauty to the floor and protects the floor surface. It really is amazing what a well-styled rug can do, and at the right size, it can really open up a space and bring a completely new personality into the mix.

Choosing the right rug will obviously make an impact, and not all rugs retain the heat and protect your feet from that winter chill. Natural fibre rugs are more durable and, if made with plush foam underneath, are extremely comfortable to walk on. They retain some heat so they’re not altogether a summer rug, since they do also bode well in winter. If you prefer something much warmer, then you’ll need to look at wool.

Woollen rugs are beautiful but are not ideal if you have large dogs and lots of kids. As much as the beauty cannot be contested, it will wear down in high-traffic areas and eventually lose its lovely soft and luscious look and feel. If you want to go for a warm woolly rug then consider it for your bedroom or study where traffic is minimal, but style is still essential.

You can change rugs from season to season but the three that really work well in winter are Berber, shag and natural fibre. There are just so many rug materials to choose from and the various textures and colours certainly can turn a room around.

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