Contemporary Rug CO-383

“Sorbet” showcases a configuration of small, minimalist bursts of flavour beautifully balanced across a soft biscotti background. Delight in the vibrant yet subtle hues that bring this rug to life:
• Biscotti: Soft and creamy, providing a warm and inviting foundation.
• Honeycomb: Golden and warm, adding a touch of natural sweetness.
• Pops of Watermelon: Juicy and refreshing, these accents add a playful touch.
• Lemon Meringue: Bright and zesty, injecting energy and vibrancy
• Blueberry Sorbet: Cool and calming, perfect for grounding the overall palette.
• Peach: Soft and inviting, this hue brings a cozy and welcoming feel.
• Pops of Blackberry: Deep and rich, providing the perfect contrast to the lighter tones.
• Plum: Adds depth and intrigue

This exquisite piece transcends ordinary decor, marrying a soft, playful palette with contemporary elegance.

Standard Sizes:-

  • S - 200x260
  • M - 240x300
  • L - 300x400

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