How To Design Your Own Custom-Made Rug

Spending hours online looking for design inspiration and curating the perfect colour scheme can be a painstaking and time-consuming process. You might be worried that you’re not making the right choice, or that you don’t have the ‘eye for design’.

There are a few things to note when designing your own personalised rug.

It’s important to select the right colours when designing a custom rug. Have you ever bought furniture or decor in-store, taken it home and felt it was totally wrong? While the monitoring conditions in the showroom complement furniture and decor in that showroom, the situation will be totally different in your own home. Try to bear in mind the lighting in your home over the course of a day and see how colour interacts with it. After all, light and colour are a package deal!

When you design your own rug, you’re not only selecting the colours – you’re selecting the size too. Taking accurate measurements of your space will really assist you in your quest to design a custom rug that blends seamlessly into your existing space. According to interior designer Lauren Li:

‘All of the living room furniture needs to sit on the floor rug. At least 30 centimetres of the rug needs to go under the front legs of the sofa, and depending on the layout, often the entire sofa needs to sit on the floor rug. Armchairs and side tables should also be able to fit on a rug because it should ground the space, rather than float around. Plus, a small rug will only make the room seem smaller too.’

Custom-size rugs can meet all of these requirements if you’re happy with the layout of your room and have taken accurate measurements for the design.

It is imperative to get the right aesthetic when designing your custom rug. In all cases, aesthetic is unique to each individual and their space. Whether your home is coastal, boho, traditional, modern, eclectic, rustic or neutral, we believe that each piece should be a product of its own environment. Colour-matching to your established aesthetic is a surefire way to tie a room together.

That’s why your place is the best place for a colour and design consultation.

If those considerations seem like a lot – you’re not alone! The smallest choices in our homes can change everything, and if you’re not comfortable making design choices yourself there are always other options.

At Artisan Rugs, our experienced design and manufacturing team can take the guesswork out of making these crucial decisions. We offer obligation-free in-home colour and design consultation services to help you get the most out of your tailor-made textiles.

That means a one-stop, one-point of contact operation so we know your taste and we know your home environment. You can see some of the custom rugs we have designed at our portfolio, or browse the custom rug options on our site to find out more.

Make it truly yours, with Artisan Rugs.

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