How to Choose the Right Size Rug

Choosing the right size rug is probably the only difficult part about investing in a new rug. You’ve got your pattern, your perfect texture, your harmoniously-aligned colour scheme… now you need to get the right size. And this is more important than you might think!

An awkwardly-sized rug can quickly throw an otherwise-balanced room totally off kilter. It can also be functionally problematic. Ever tried to scrape a dining chair back on a rug that’s too small for the area? Or tried to squeeze an extra-large rug into a regular-sized room?

Artisan Rugs has created a rug size chart to help you determine exactly what rug size you need.

Extra large

An extra large rug is usually upwards of 300 cm x 400 cm (or 3m x 4m) in dimension. Artisan Rugs sells extra large rugs in excess of 460cm on one side, depending on whether the rug is square or rectangular. These rugs are room-fillers – a sofa can be placed on top of them without losing ‘visual space’. They can also comfortably accommodate a dining table without any chairs getting stuck! 


A medium or large rug will run between 200 and 400 cm on either side. A typical 200 cm x 300 cm / 2 x 3 m rug will fit the area in front of a sofa perfectly. It can also fit below a double bed with space on either side to house the bedside tables. Medium and large rugs are probably the most common choice of size. Many of the traditional and contemporary rugs at Artisan Rugs are sized at 250 x 300 cm. 


A small rug can have interesting dimensions as it’s often employed to fill an awkward area, like a hallway or the space under a small dining table. Any rug measuring less than 100-200 cm might classify as a small rug. Small rugs are often circular, and generally used to delineate ‘zones’ within a room when it serves many purposes.

If you still need a little guidance on rug size, reach out to the team at Artisan Rugs! We’re always happy to consult – just let us know the dimensions of your space. 

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