Contemporary Living Room Ideas

Formerly shunted to the realm of never-to-return 1970s decor, shag rugs have been making a huge comeback in contemporary styling!

Shaggy rugs and fluffy rugs give an instant touch of luxury to a modern lounge room. Thick, plush and comfortable, they feel amazing underfoot and are also amazing on the eye. Read on for a few ideas on how to style a shaggy rug in a contemporary living room.

Styling small shaggy rugs

Small shaggy rugs can really tie a bedroom together when purchased in pairs. Placing one at either side of a bed means achieving a double goal: symmetry and warm feet! You can also place a small shaggy rug under a desk in an open-plan space to delineate the working area. Don’t be scared to layer a shaggy rug on carpet if you don’t have tiles or floorboards – thanks to the difference in texture, it won’t be overkill. Modern carpets are generally beige or grey, so a small shag rug can create some much-needed interest.

Styling fluffy rugs

High-pile rugs can be either fluffy or shaggy. Fluffy high-pile rugs are woven from thinner fibres – think white ‘polar bear’ rugs. Shaggy high-pile rugs, on the other hand, are made from thick woven fibres that are sometimes looped. Both are super-luxurious, comfortable and warm. Styling a fluffy rug is pretty simple – they’re usually available in a range of neutral tones. You don’t want to put a fluffy or shag rug under a dining table or anywhere that spills might happen or furniture might be dragging over them, but they’re perfect for a lounge room, bedroom or office. Pair a fluffy rug with plain-textured furniture and simplistic decor to make it the centrepoint of your room.

Styling shaggy carpets

Sometimes, a room just calls for a really large shaggy carpet. In those cases, there are a few furniture-arranging tips that will help your rug anchor the room instead of swallowing it up. Always place the front legs of your furniture on a large rug, and not the whole piece. This helps to establish visual cohesion and balance the heaviness of furniture with the heaviness of a large rug – especially a large shaggy rug! Stick to minimalism in terms of tone or pattern for surrounding furnishings, and consider using lightweight frames for coffee tables or entertainment units. Whether you’re opting for a full shaggy carpet or a simple fluffy rug, Artisan Rugs can help you make the right choice! Our consultants love to help our clients find their match made in heaven.

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