Benefits of a Custom-Made Rug

If you’re having a lot of trouble choosing the right rug for your space, it might be time to consider custom-made design.

Much more affordable than it sounds, a custom-made rug can last for years. Long-wearing, unique and perfect for you, there aren’t many downsides to an Australian-made statement piece right there in the middle of your floor!

Aside from being hardy and rating highly in the design stakes, there are several benefits to custom size or custom printed rugs:

Endless colours and textures
A custom-made rug allows you to choose precise colours to match your interior. By taking fabric or paint swatches to your rug designer, you’ll be able to complement your existing space with the help of a professional.

Custom rugs are the ultimate in bespoke design, but colour isn’t the only thing you can change. Texture is optional too. Artisan rugs can be crafted in a wide variety of textures including sheepskin, sisal, wool, bamboo and silk – each of which can bring a beautiful look and feel to different environments. Textures can also be woven into various patterns depending on your décor and preferred style.

Any rug for any room
It’s difficult to find a rug that perfectly fits irregularly shaped rooms. In these scenarios, a standard rug will look out of place, and possibly ruin the look and feel of the décor. That’s why customising a rug to suit is best. No matter how big or small the room, how long or short the passage, or how wide or narrow the space, a custom rug can be made to fit!

Long-wearing design
Custom rugs are required to be durable and hardy, which is why Australian rug designers use UV stabilised textures to handle extreme weather. This is not the case for standard or imported rugs, so if you’re serious about longevity a custom rug is a must. The durability of a rug is measured by the fibre and construction of the material used, so it’s best to select an Australian manufacturer.

If you’re keen on custom, chat to your local rug designers at Artisan Rugs. We have years of experience handcrafting beautiful local textiles, and we know what works in every space!

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