The Benefits of Stylish Custom-made Rugs

You wouldn’t necessarily paint the walls of your home or office in random block colours with spots (unless that’s your thing), so why would you think a standard rug or carpet thrown across your floor is going to cut it in the style department?

It’s essential to pay more attention to your floor coverings, so the next step is to invest in an Australian-made carpet or rug. Why? Well, locally manufactured rugs are hardy, and they rate highly in the design stakes, making a strong and stylish statement. And, to top it all off, there are  numerous benefits that come with showing your floors a little bit of love.

Choose your colour

You want to choose a colour that matches the interior of the room. We suggest you take fabric or paint swatches to your rug designer, who will work with a variety of colours to meet your preferences.

Fits anywhere

No matter how big or small the room, how long or short the passage, or how wide or narrow the space, a custom rug or carpet can be made to fit. It’s difficult to find a rug that perfectly fits irregularly shaped rooms, and a standard rug will look out of place, and possibly ruin the look and feel of the décor. That’s why customising a rug to suit is best.

Chat to your local rug designers who are experienced in choosing the right designs to suit all requirements. They know what works well in each space, and they know which types of fabrics and textiles work best.


Rugs are required to be durable and hardy, which is why Australian rug designers use textiles which are UV stabilised to ensure they can handle the extreme weather. Natural wool fibres  keep their shape and colour. Wool rugs perform better and look better for longer.

The durability of a rug is also measured by the fibre and construction of the material used, so it’s best to select an Australian manufacturer. Your rug will be made exclusively in our country, so you know you’re getting quality.


Rug textures make a big difference to any space because it can make a room look perfectly finished or totally awkward. Artisan rugs can be made in a wide variety of textures such as sheepskin, sisal, wool, synthetics, polypropylene, bamboo and silk, each of which can bring a beautiful look and feel to different environments.

Textures can be woven into various patterns, using a range of colours – or just one colour – depending on your décor and preferred style. To ensure you get the best designer rug, you want to contact Artisan Rugs.

A custom-made rug, or wall-to-wall carpeting, can reflect your own personality and characteristics, or give a strong voice to your company brand. A highly versatile product in every sense of the word.

Contact Artisan Rugs today for custom-made Australian rugs.

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