Vinyl Plank Flooring


Don’t let our name fool you. Here at Artisan Rugs, we also supply a beautiful range of vinyl wood flooring options for your home of office.

Catering to a range of clients in Australia, we help bring the warmth of wood into any space without having to worry about the maintenance involved. Our vinyl plank flooring is easy to install and even easier to keep clean.


Have you ever wanted to have wooden floors installed in your bathroom or kitchen but were worried about keeping it clean? We can help. Each premium-grade PVC vinyl sheet has a Nano Silver Technology coating, which actually eliminates germs, and is also dirt resistant. In addition, if you compare our vinyl flooring to laminate flooring, you’ll notice that the former is much more water resistant, actually making it the ideal option for bathrooms and kitchens.

Our timber-look vinyl plank flooring will make any space feel warm and inviting. Paired with one of our stunning carpets, any space will be transformed into something truly spectacular. Our vinyl timber flooring comes in a variety of options, including Whitewash and Rosewood. You’re bound to find a style that complements your existing design.

If you’re one of our Melbourne clients and need any help in determining which vinyl wood plank flooring option is right for you, then our resident Design and Colour Consultant, Renee Stepanovski, will be able to assist. By coming to your place of residence or business, Renee will be able to give you the right advice based on the interior of your home or office.


We offer vinyl flooring solutions in Perth and Melbourne, but also have an online shopping facility through our website. We deliver our high-quality products throughout the whole of Australia.

If you’re ready to transform your home or office, contact us today. Our expert team will gladly help turn your flooring dream into a reality.

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