Living Room Design Ideas That Will Change Your Home


Living Room Design Ideas That Will Change Your Home

Living room designs might start with the open spaces, dream furniture and carefully considered storage, but it’s the finishing touches that help to turn your living room into the heart of your home.

Artisan Rugs is your go-to designer rug and carpet specialist and we also create custom rugs in Perth to help you create your dream space. Here are our top tips to make your living room design a perfect reflection of your family’s personality.

Statement Rugs are a must! 

We’re biased about this one, but we firmly believe you can transform a space and add your personal touch by building your living room around a premium rug! Whether you go for soft and subtle like our traditional modern TR81 style or boldly geometric with the CO4 rug from our Contemporary Rugs collection you can set the tone of the room, your way. Or, if you really want to make a statement, take a look at our custom rugs services here.

sunlit living room with large red Persian carpet as main focal point against white walls and vintage styling furniture.

Textured Rugs for an easy design feature!

Hard vs. soft, warm vs. cool, fluffy vs. metallic – find the balance by layering textures that you love. You could go with a leather lounge suite and shag rug, sheepskin throw and large mirror or bold furniture with soft window furnishings. We suggest starting with a statement piece and building around it – that way you can easily swap out items as seasons or moods change. Take a look at our Shag Pile Rug and Carpets collection for inspiration or head to our custom rugs page to create the perfect texture!

large white patterned shaggy rug with L shaped mustard sofa against white walls

Colourful rugs for a bold finish!

It’s easy to stick to the basics when it comes to interiors and utilise a neutral palette that is easy-living and highly saleable should you put your home on the market in the future. While that might be a sensible approach, it’s still your home now and we think it’s worth creating a space that truly feels like yours. We love the tactic of starting with a neutral base and adding pops of colour that can easily be swapped out – think soft furnishings like cushions, throws, rugs and curtains. Pull in some turquoise with our TR45 rug, burnt orange with our SH6 rug or choose your favourite colour and talk to us about our bespoke custom rug options!

living room with heavy dark colours and dark shaggy rug against dark sofa

Show off your favourite things!

Incorporate ways to display the gifts you’ve received from people you love, objects you’ve found on holidays and favourite items that bring back family memories in your living room design. That’s how you take a beautiful space and turn it into a home. We love large display cabinets and bookshelves to make space for special objects without giving the impression of clutter.

light cream coloured rug on wooden floors in living room with green textured focus wall

Special design awareness!

Creating special zones within the room for different activities helps to add a bit of order into a space. If you have an open plan kitchen, living and dining area, the space can easily feel cavernous. Using rugs and furniture as markers can divide the space visually and make everything feel like it’s in its place.

long thin living room with light grey patterned carpet in from of three seater light couch


Are you inspired? We sure hope so! We love talking about all things interior, so feel free to reach out to our interior design team for advice. Book a free in-home consultation by sending us a message here!


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