Choosing the Right Rug for Your Home

When you pick the right rug for your space, it feels like it just belongs there.

Besides the practical benefits – cushioning, warmth and comfort – a rug can complement the design of the room. In layman’s terms, a rug done right will ‘tie the room together’ by taking isolated design elements of the space and bringing them beneath your feet.

Whether it’s the red in your curtains or the sage green in your sofa, the right rug is the perfect finishing touch. Of course, the real battle is choosing the right rug!

It’s true that the wrong rug can totally ruin the ambience of a room, making it feel awkward, overly busy or incomplete. Rugs, especially custom-made and top-quality ones, are an investment. You really can’t afford to pick the wrong one, unless you want to end up with an eyesore of a floor!

If you’ve ever wondered how to choose a rug, you can stop wondering. With a few tips from the team at Artisan Rugs, you’ll be channelling your inner interior designer in no time.

Here are the things you need to consider when choosing a rug:

Most designers agree that when choosing a rug, you should start by looking at the area the rug will be situated in. Before you even consider things like colour, texture and style, you’ll need to think about what you want from the room.

How big is it? What colour are the walls, and what furniture is living in there? A rug in any space has to serve a dual purpose by both balancing the room and warming your floor. Think about what purpose you want the rug to fulfil, and you’ll be on the right track from the get-go.

The colour of a rug is very important because it will change how the whole room appears. If your area has a lot of bright, contrasting colours already, it would be best to tie the room together with a neutral tone. On the other hand, if your area is neutral coloured and you want to spice it up you can be far bolder with your choice of rugs.

As long as you plan well and take into account the existing colour and furnishings, even the boldest rug can work for a tired space. Another great tip is to search ‘living room rug ideas’ online and get some inspiration!

When it comes to rugs, size matters. The rule of thumb is that your rug should fit your seating area with all furniture on the rug – but if that’s not possible, a good compromise is to place the front legs on the rug.

That goes for sofas, armchairs and lounges. When you’re sitting down in a living room, you want to feel the fabric of the rug, not the floor. It also looks better.

When choosing dining room rugs, however, the table and all the chairs in their pushed-back setting must be able to fit on the rug. This will avoid an unpleasant bump every time you scrape your chair back!

The other thing to remember when choosing the right rug is to look at the orientation of the room.  Square and round rugs work well in square rooms, but rectangular rugs are best suited to rectangular rooms. If you’re not sure, don’t fret – Artisan Rugs can help recommend the right shape of rug for your room from a photo or a home consultation.

Contrasting textures work very well in rooms. When choosing a rug, it is easy to neglect texture principles by paying too much attention to colour and size – but texture is vitally important!

Let the finishes of the furniture in your room dictate what sort of texture to go with. Remember that you want juxtaposition– a fluffy rug would complement sleek furniture, while a natural, rustic texture would go best with a soft fabric lounge.

By paying close attention to colour, size and texture, it’s easy to choose the right rug for your home. However, if you’re still unsure, you can always talk to the team at Artisan Rugs!

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