7 Surprising Benefits of Wool Rugs

7 Surprising Benefits of Wool Rugs

Wool rugs have come a long way in modern culture. In 2022, many rugs are now manufactured with low quality synthetic materials, resulting in early wear & tear, stains and smells that never go away. Natural fibres such as wool offer an alternative that wears well and stands the test of time.

At Artisan Rugs, we value crafting high quality wool rugs alongside timeless designs. When you’re looking for rugs in Perth, you can’t go past the superior quality and feel of a custom made wool rug. In particular, New Zealand wool is not only long lasting but due to the wool being whiter than other wools, it allows further colours to be dyed like clean pastel shades and deeper blacks. As a naturally resilient material, New Zealand wool bounces back, reducing flattening and wear of your custom rug. These are just a some of the benefits associated with wool, there may be more below that you may have not known about!


1. Natural temperature regulator

Wool has a wondrous quality of being able to insulate to retain heat in winter and prevent heat rising into the room in summer, saving energy and costs of heating and cooling your home.


2. Hygiene and health

Wool is a superior choice for allergy and asthma suffers, as well as keeping your home more hygienic with a natural resistance to bacteria, dust-mites, mould and mildew. It’s hypo-allergenic qualities come from the coil like fibres which dissipate moisture, making it harder for dust-mites to survive.


3. Improved Air Quality

Wool rugs will absorb airborne contaminants, trapping not only dust-mites but other small particles such as smoke, chemicals, gases and more – caught in the wool fibres, they are eradicated from the air in your home and can be regularly vacuumed from the wool.


4. Stain and strain resistant

Resilience is one of the premium qualities of wool fibres, so it will bounce back as well as repel stains as the natural lanolin coating will stop stains penetrating into the fibres, and easy to clean.


5. Family and pet friendly

With those resilient qualities, it is an ideal choice for families and pet-owners. If you have pets with sharp claws, they may get caught on looped piles, harming your pet and the rug. Regular nail trimming will help avoid this problem.


6. Fire retardant

Keep your home safe with a naturally flame-resistant fibre like wool! Although wool will catch fire, it will not support a flame. This just means that any fire just smolders and self extinguishes when the flame source gets removed.


7. Eco-friendly and biodegradable

Wool is experiencing a resurgence as a fabric of choice for those looking for a more sustainable option and minimal impact on the environment. It is a renewable natural resource without any harm to the environment.


At Artisan Rugs, we pride ourselves on using 100% New Zealand Wool in our rug designs. Wool rugs are longer lasting and higher quality, making them ideal for a busy home, high traffic areas or a cost-effective investment.

As Perth’s leading carpet and rug specialists, Artisan Rugs brings ultimate style and luxury to your home, with an impeccable reputation and collection of wall-to-wall carpets by design for every style and taste.

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