Contemporary Rug CO-382

One of the most striking aspects of “Mosaic Reflections” is its dynamic interplay between structured geometry and free-flowing design elements. While the rug’s primary pattern consists of meticulously arranged small tiles, certain areas artfully disrupt this rigid geometry, introducing sections where the design becomes more fluid and organic.

Hand crafted from a luxurious blend of wool and silk, the rug’s design is elevated by the interplay of these materials. The wool provides a sturdy, durable foundation, while the silk adds a delicate sheen and smooth texture. This contrast between the matte finish of the wool and the luminous quality of the silk creates a dynamic visual and tactile experience, enhancing the rug’s overall elegance.

The contrast of materials enhances the tactile experience of the rug, inviting you to not only see but also feel the differences as you walk across its surface.

Standard Sizes:-

  • S - 200x260
  • M - 240x300
  • L - 300x400

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