Custom Rugs Perth & Melbourne

Custom floor rugs Perth & Melbourne

Artisan Rugs specialises in producing high quality custom rugs for the home and office. We supply custom designed wool and handmade rugs, produced in Australia and abroad. Whether it’s a kid’s rug for your little one’s bedroom, wool rugs for your living room or any type of floor rug you need, we will work with you to produce a unique solution to suit your precise requirements.

With our fully equipped studio, the finest technology, a talented team and more than 30 years’ experience handling all aspects of custom designed rug concepts, Artisan Rugs has established ourselves amongst the leading companies in our field.

We are considered pioneers in the field of custom designed Australian-made rugs and New Zealand wool rugs, and offer quality hand knotted rugs made of the best raw materials, including fine wools and silks.

We manufacture quality handmade rugs to any specific size, shape and colour you desire. Before producing your designer rug we will present you with a digital image of the final product to ensure that you are completely happy before we proceed with production. With a range of designs from traditional to contemporary, Art Deco to classical, you will be inspired the minute you visit our showroom.

Our design studio is open to all clients. Provide a picture of what you like or brainstorm ideas with us. You choose your style, design and texture and we then produce a sample of your tailor-made rug to ensure that we have captured your vision and that you receive the right custom made rug to suit your space.

Apart from offering custom-made rugs in Melbourne and Perth, we also offer customised wall-to-wall carpeting, which will transform your interior space.

Kids rugs

At Artisan Rugs we offer custom made rugs specifically for kids. These rugs are colourful and easy to clean, making them ideal for the kids’ rooms. While some rugs are beautifully patterned, we can also create themed kids rugs for boys and girls, lighting up their room and adding a sense of fun to any playroom. In addition we can provide interactive rug designs for kids, making these rugs beautiful, functional and educational.

Wool rugs

If wool is your preference we can customise a wool rug to your requirements. Wool rugs do absorb liquids but can be cleaned relatively easily. While wool does wear down, woollen rugs still look great right up until the end of their lifespan. Wool gives a room a warm feel, doesn’t burn easily and comes in a range of easily distinguishable qualities.

New Zealand wool rugs

Rugs made from New Zealand wool are generally of a higher quality than regular wool. New Zealand wool is whiter and purer than any other wool, which means its dyeing properties are superior, resulting in brighter and longer lasting colours for your rugs. New Zealand wool is also environmentally friendly, with their sheep having very littler negative impact on their natural landscape.

Create the perfect first impression with custom-made rugs from your local rug specialists. Contact us today for more information.