Traditional Rugs

Timelessness and Elegant Tradition rugs

There’s something elegant about tradition. A sense of timelessness that has kept something as beautiful today as it was decades ago.

Artisan Rugs has a culture of quality and our traditional floor rugs will add class to any room they find themselves in. There is a long-established work ethic and craftsmanship in our rugs and carpets that will leave footprints of long-lost interior design in your home or office.

Our area rugs epitomise tradition and might make a simple dinner want you to get dressed in an old ball gown or tuxedo and open the finest bottle of wine that you own. That’s alright, wine doesn’t need an expiry date for us to drink it regularly. Just don’t spill it on the carpet. Anyone that does can elegantly be lead to the door with one of our runner rugs.

View our selection below, and if you can’t make it to our store located in Perth, you can easily shop online by contacting us with the information of the rug you wish to purchase. We have a reputable shipment service that puts the convenience back into buying. If you reside in Melbourne or surrounding areas, our Design and Colour Consultant, Renee Stepanovski, will come straight to your door and provide a full assessment.