Textured Carpets & Rugs

The feel, appearance and consistency of something is often what gives it its knack, especially when it’s a textured rug. There’s nothing better than the feeling of a wool carpet in between your toes first thing in the morning. We want to give you that with a touch of supreme service that puts the convenience back into buying.

Whether it’s a loop pile, cut pile or a cut and loop pile that you’re looking for, we offer modern area rugs that boast surfaces of remarkable depth, lush and sculpted effects. We have a feel for quality and believe that there’s more to what meets the eye.

Below you will find a wide variety of our textured rugs and carpets. We provide a nationwide delivery service so you can experience our beautiful rugs anywhere Australia, simply place your order online. And if you’re in Melbourne or surrounding areas, we’ll send our Design and Colour Consultant, Renee Stepanovski, straight to your doormat.