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Discounted Rugs & Carpets

We know that looking for a new designer rug can be quite an expensive outing, which is why we’re offering discount rugs that won’t break the bank. Instead, our selection of carpet specials will restore your faith in the ability to get quality service and craftsmanship at a reasonable price.

Save as much as $1200 on selected rugs of exceptional quality that will add to any home or office style with class and sophistication. Don’t underestimate the change a rug can make in a certain room. We have a wide range to choose from to suit your individual style, so get shopping.

Have a look at our selection on sale at discounted prices below, and if you can’t make it to our physical store in Perth, don’t worry. Browse through our gallery online, and email us with your order. Plus, we also offer customised quotes so you can buy a rug that perfectly suits your home size.

Contact us  for delivery to cities across Australia.