Shag Pile Rugs & Carpets

 Wool and shag rugs for collection

The 70’s made for some fascinating creations; the home VCR, Rubik’s Cube and Mood Ring to name a few. Interesting stuff, but we’re more excited about the ‘shaggier’ inventions, such as the shag rug. With a name that needs no introduction, this rug is furrier than the rest and could turn any room into a scene from the 70’s.

We have a selection of wool and shag rugs for sale that are not only soft, luxurious and cozy, but above all, would make a stunning addition to your home, no matter what style. Have a look at our shag pile and choose from an endless spectrum that will add supremacy and quality to any modern, or not so modern home or office. And if you’re home has plenty of open space, then we’d suggest one of our large rugs.

If you can’t make it to our physical store in Perth, place your order online for delivery nationwide with our reputable shipment service that puts the convenience back into buying. And if you’re in Melbourne or surrounding areas, we’ll send our Design and Colour Consultant, Renee Stepanovski, straight to your doormat.