Kids Rugs and Carpets

Artisan Rugs would never forget about the little ones. In fact, we believe that your children deserve to step out of bed and into a day that is soft and comforting, which is why we supply a range of kids rugs that will serve as a sophisticated seat for any child to play, read, or fall asleep on. Our selection of children’s rugs will suit the style of any kids area in your home, adding a touch of exceptional quality to playtime.

Whether you’re looking for carpets for kids or rugs for baby nurses, Artisan Rugs is your reliable source of highly crafted rugs for any occasion, never mind how big or small.

Below you will find a wide variety of our kids floor rugs. If all your time is being taken up by your precious little gems, simply place an order online with our nationwide delivery service, allowing you to experience our beautiful rugs anywhere Australia. And if you’re in Melbourne or surrounding areas, we’ll send our Design and Colour Consultant, Renee Stepanovski, straight to your doormat.

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