Creating a Custom-Designed Rug

Create a custom-designed rug from the comfort of your own home. Did you know you can design a custom rug in the comfort of your own home? That’s right! It’s not online shopping, but rather personal shopping. If you’re not sure what kind of rug you want - or maybe nothing seems quite right for your space - you can book in with Artisan Rugs to design your very own custom rug.So how does it work?The first step First, you book in for a custom made rug service.The viewing Next, we organise an in-home viewing. Our consultants will come around to analyse your room and recommend the best rug size and colour scheme - then you can put your feet up and enjoy a cup of tea while you choose from over 1200 custom rug colours and designs!The design process Our rugs are designed by established in-hou... Continue reading

Benefits of a Custom-Made Rug

WHY YOU SHOULD CONSIDER CUSTOM-MADE RUGSIf you’re having a lot of trouble choosing the right rug for your space, it might be time to consider custom-made design.Much more affordable than it sounds, a custom-made rug can last for years. Long-wearing, unique and perfect for you, there aren’t many downsides to an Australian-made statement piece right there in the middle of your floor!Aside from being hardy and rating highly in the design stakes, there are several benefits to custom size or custom printed rugs:Endless colours and textures A custom-made rug allows you to choose precise colours to match your interior. By taking fabric or paint swatches to your rug designer, you’ll be able to complement your existing space with the help of a professional.Custom rugs are the ultimate in... Continue reading

Choosing the Right Rug for Your Home

FINDING A RUG THAT’S RIGHT FOR YOU DOESN’T NEED TO BE A HERCULEAN TASK When you pick the right rug for your space, it feels like it just belongs there.Besides the practical benefits - cushioning, warmth and comfort - a rug can complement the design of the room. In layman’s terms, a rug done right will ‘tie the room together’ by taking isolated design elements of the space and bringing them beneath your feet.Whether it’s the red in your curtains or the sage green in your sofa, the right rug is the perfect finishing touch. Of course, the real battle is choosing the right rug!It’s true that the wrong rug can totally ruin the ambience of a room, making it feel awkward, overly busy or incomplete. Rugs, especially custom-made and top-quality ones, are an investment. You really can’t aff... Continue reading

Contemporary Living Room Ideas

Formerly shunted to the realm of never-to-return 1970s decor, shag rugs have been making a huge comeback in contemporary styling!Shaggy rugs and fluffy rugs give an instant touch of luxury to a modern lounge room. Thick, plush and comfortable, they feel amazing underfoot and are also amazing on the eye. Read on for a few ideas on how to style a shaggy rug in a contemporary living room. Styling small shaggy rugs Small shaggy rugs can really tie a bedroom together when purchased in pairs. Placing one at either side of a bed means achieving a double goal: symmetry and warm feet! You can also place a small shaggy rug under a desk in an open-plan space to delineate the working area. Don’t be scared to layer a shaggy rug on carpet if you don’t have tiles or floorboards - thanks to the difference in textur... Continue reading


Choosing the right size rug is probably the only difficult part about investing in a new rug. You’ve got your pattern, your perfect texture, your harmoniously-aligned colour scheme… now you need to get the right size. And this is more important than you might think!An awkwardly-sized rug can quickly throw an otherwise-balanced room totally off kilter. It can also be functionally problematic. Ever tried to scrape a dining chair back on a rug that’s too small for the area? Or tried to squeeze an extra-large rug into a regular-sized room?Artisan Rugs has created a rug size chart to help you determine exactly what rug size you need.Extra largeAn extra large rug is usually upwards of 300 cm x 400 cm (or 3m x 4m) in dimension. Artisan Rugs sells extra large rugs in excess of 460cm on one side,... Continue reading

Six Rules For Dining Room Rugs

The most controversial room to incorporate a rug is certainly the dining room!While some might prefer a solid hardwood floor beneath their table, others prefer a rug. Rugs are an excellent choice in the dining room because they protect your floor from scraping chairs. They’re also washable, which is crucial for a heavy-mess area.But there are some rules for selecting the perfect rug for your dining room. You don’t want a thick pile rug hiding crumbs in the fluff - no matter how soft it is underfoot. You also don’t want a stark white rug, because that’s just tempting fate!Read on to find out our six rules for selecting rugs for dining tables.The bigger, the better The absolute most important rule for selecting dining room rugs is to make sure the rug is big enough. Have you ever scrape... Continue reading

How To Design Your Own Custom-Made Rug

Spending hours online looking for design inspiration and curating the perfect colour scheme can be a painstaking and time-consuming process. You might be worried that you’re not making the right choice, or that you don’t have the ‘eye for design’.There are a few things to note when designing your own personalised rug.Colour It’s important to select the right colours when designing a custom rug. Have you ever bought furniture or decor in-store, taken it home and felt it was totally wrong? While the monitoring conditions in the showroom complement furniture and decor in that showroom, the situation will be totally different in your own home. Try to bear in mind the lighting in your home over the course of a day and see how colour interacts with it. After all, light and colour are a package de... Continue reading

The Benefits of Stylish Custom-made Rugs

Here’s why you should have custom-made rugs and carpets in your home. You wouldn’t necessarily paint the walls of your home or office in random block colours with spots (unless that’s your thing), so why would you think a standard rug or carpet thrown across your floor is going to cut it in the style department?It’s essential to pay more attention to your floor coverings, so the next step is to invest in an Australian-made carpet or rug. Why? Well, locally manufactured rugs are hardy, and they rate highly in the design stakes, making a strong and stylish statement. And, to top it all off, there are  numerous benefits that come with showing your floors a little bit of love.Choose your colourYou want to choose a colour that matches the interior of the room. We suggest you take fabric or pa... Continue reading

Choosing the right Rug for your Home

 Getting a rug that is right for you doesn't have to be a herculean task When you pick the right rug for your space it feels like it just belongs there. Besides the practical benefits (cushioning, warmth and comfort), a rug can complement the design of the room.But choosing the correct rug is the real battle. Sure, when it works, it works well. However, the wrong rug can totally ruin the ambiance of a room, making it feel awkward and incomplete.Rugs, especially custom made or high quality ones, are an expensive investment. You really can’t afford to pick the wrong one, unless you want to end up with a few thousand dollar eyesore on your floor.But don’t panic. Getting a rug that is right for you isn’t a herculean task. Actually, with a few tips from our team at Artisan Rugs, it’s quite ... Continue reading

Custom Design Rugs on the Go

Create a custom design rug, from the comfort of your own home. We come to you Purchase a designer rug while relaxing in the comfort of your own home. This is not online shopping, but rather personal shopping from Artisan Rugs, the designer mobile rug store in Melbourne. You choose outdoor rugs, floors rugs and design your custom-made rugs for every style and occasion, all while relaxing on your sofa.Artisan Rugs is a rug, carpet and design company promoting this new initiative; a mobile rugs store in Melbourne. We bring the shopping experience straight to your door. You don’t have to leave the house, all you do is contact us and a representative will set up a time that is convenient for you. Unlike a lot of rug stores in Melbourne, Artisan Rugs is not only about feet through the door, we’re also abou... Continue reading